Putting Your Home in the Global Marketing Spotlight

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When it’s time to sell Chip Durpo Putting Your Home in the Global Marketing Spotlight. When listing your property you expect it to stand out and get noticed. Chip Durpo will work to ensure that your home receives the maximum global market exposure. 

Putting Your Home in the Global Marketing Spotlight starts with Pricing your property strategically and competitively so that it stands out from other listing. 

Staging your house to make a stellar first impression, in online video tours and photos as well as in person.

Our global marketing includes a personalized webpage for every property, with syndication across the world’s leading search sites, and our marketing partners, i.e. Zillow, Realtor.com, Facebook, and other social media platforms, optimizing your home’s online presence.

Targeted digital marketing efforts to buyers and investors in my database of buyers for homes like yours.

Updating you on my marketing efforts, including comments from buyers and agents who visit your property.

Leveraging any other marketing strategies necessary to get your house sold for top dollar.

When you're ready to sell, you need a trusted local expert in your corner.

Call Chip today to arrange a personalized consultation. Call Chip Durpo +1 706-746-2900

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